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OE Number 7679221, 7694335, SE 028947.500A

Product Information

Condition : New

SKU: AGEX10361

Part Manufacturer: AUTOGAMMA

MPN: EX10361

OE Number: 7679221, 7694335, SE 028947.500A


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This product is not available for immediate dispatch. The minimum dispatch time for this product is 7-10 working days.

Compatability Information


CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR FIAT CINQUE / SEICENTO 0.9's compatibility is a guide only. Please use part numbers and photos to confirm suitability for your vehicle.

K-typeManufacturerModelEngineHorse PowerEngine CC TypeFuel_TypeYears
0FIATCINQUECENTO (170)0.9 (170AB)3041Petrol1991-1993
1FIATCINQUECENTO (170)0.9 (170AB)3041Petrol1991-1993
2FIATCINQUECENTO (170)0.9 i.e. S (170AF, 170CF)2940Petrol1991-1999
3FIATCINQUECENTO (170)0.9 i.e. S (170AF, 170CF)2940Petrol1991-1999
4FIATCINQUECENTO (170)0.9 i.e. S (170AF, 170CF)2940Petrol1991-1999
5FIATCINQUECENTO (170)0.9 i.e. S (170AF, 170CF)2940Petrol1991-1999
6FIATDUCATO Box (230L)1.9 TD CAT5980Diesel1994-2002
7FIATDUCATO Box (230L)1.9 TD CAT5980Diesel1994-2002
8FIATDUCATO Bus (230)1.9 TD Combinato5980Diesel1994-2002
9FIATDUCATO Bus (230)1.9 TD Combinato5980Diesel1994-2002
10FIATDUCATO Platform/Chassis (230)1.9 TD CAT5980Diesel1994-2002
11FIATDUCATO Platform/Chassis (230)1.9 TD CAT5980Diesel1994-2002
12FIATUNO (146A/E)1.4 Turbo i.e.82112Petrol1989-1993
13FIATUNO (146A/E)1.4 Turbo i.e.82112Petrol1989-1993
14LANCIATHEMA (834)2000 16V Turbo (834AC)133181Petrol1988-1990
15LANCIATHEMA (834)2000 16V Turbo (834AC)133181Petrol1988-1990
16LANCIATHEMA (834)2000 i.e. 16V (834AA)108147Petrol1988-1992
17LANCIATHEMA (834)2000 i.e. 16V (834AA)108147Petrol1988-1992
18LANCIATHEMA (834)2000 i.e. 16V (834AI)104141Petrol1989-1992
19LANCIATHEMA (834)2000 i.e. 16V (834AI)104141Petrol1989-1992
20LANCIATHEMA (834)2000 i.e. 16V Turbo (834AL)130177Petrol1989-1992
21LANCIATHEMA (834)2000 i.e. 16V Turbo (834AL)130177Petrol1989-1992
22LANCIATHEMA SW (834)2000 i.e. 16V (834AA)108147Petrol1989-1992
23LANCIATHEMA SW (834)2000 i.e. 16V (834AA)108147Petrol1989-1992
24LANCIATHEMA SW (834)2000 i.e. 16V (834AI)104141Petrol1989-1992
25LANCIATHEMA SW (834)2000 i.e. 16V (834AI)104141Petrol1989-1992
26LANCIATHEMA SW (834)2000 i.e. 16V Turbo (834AC)133181Petrol1988-1990
27LANCIATHEMA SW (834)2000 i.e. 16V Turbo (834AC)133181Petrol1988-1990
28LANCIATHEMA SW (834)2000 i.e. 16V Turbo (834AL)130177Petrol1989-1993
29LANCIATHEMA SW (834)2000 i.e. 16V Turbo (834AL)130177Petrol1989-1993
30SEATMARBELLA (28)0.9 CAT3041Petrol1996-1998
31SEATMARBELLA (28)0.9 CAT3041Petrol1996-1998

Product Information

Product Information

Part Manufacturer AUTOGAMMA
MPN EX10361
OE Number 7679221, 7694335, SE 028947.500A

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