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OE Number 55187973, 3781020-A01, A11-3611011, 471Q-2L-3813801, 3808900J77, 112685, 1319158, 1826557, 4M5G1 2K073 AA, BE8Z6B288A, LR 000634, 93183528, 832963, PW812666

Product Information

Condition : New

SKU: BS 0 232 103 052

Part Manufacturer: BOSCH

MPN: 0 232 103 052

OE Number: 55187973, 3781020-A01, A11-3611011, 471Q-2L-3813801, 3808900J77, 112685, 1319158, 1826557, 4M5G1 2K073 AA, BE8Z6B288A, LR 000634, 93183528, 832963, PW812666


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Compatability Information


CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR ALFA 159 05> 2.2 JTS's compatibility is a guide only. Please use part numbers and photos to confirm suitability for your vehicle.

K-typeManufacturerModelEngineHorse PowerEngine CC TypeFuel_TypeYears
0ALFA ROMEO159 (939)1.9 JTS118160Petrol2005-2011
1ALFA ROMEO159 (939)2.2 JTS136185Petrol2005-2011
2ALFA ROMEO159 Sportwagon (939)1.9 JTS118160Petrol2006-2011
3ALFA ROMEO159 Sportwagon (939)2.2 JTS136185Petrol2006-2011
4ALFA ROMEOBRERA (939)2.2 JTS136185Petrol2006-2010
5ALFA ROMEOSPIDER (939_, 939)2.2 JTS136185Petrol2006-2010
7FORDB-MAX (JK)1.6 Ti77105Petrol2012-
8FORDB-MAX Van1.6 Ti77105Petrol2012-
9FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 CNG86117Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG)2013-
10FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Flexifuel88120Petrol/Ethanol2011-
11FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 LPG88120Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)2012-
12FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 LPG86117Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)2012-
13FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti77105Petrol2010-
14FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti77105Petrol2010-
15FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti6385Petrol2010-
16FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti92125Petrol2010-
17FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti88120Petrol2012-
18FORDECOSPORT1.5 Ti82112Petrol2013-
19FORDFIESTA VI1.6 Ti88120Petrol2008-
20FORDFIESTA VI1.6 Ti88120Petrol2008-
21FORDFIESTA VI1.6 Ti99134Petrol2010-
22FORDFIESTA VI1.6 Ti77105Petrol2012-
23FORDFOCUS C-MAX1.6 Ti85115Petrol2004-2007
24FORDFOCUS C-MAX1.6 Ti85115Petrol2004-2007
25FORDFOCUS II (DA_)1.674100Petrol2004-2012
26FORDFOCUS II (DA_)1.674100Petrol2004-2012
27FORDFOCUS II (DA_)1.674100Petrol2004-2012
28FORDFOCUS II (DA_)1.674100Petrol2004-2012
29FORDFOCUS II (DA_)1.674100Petrol2004-2012
30FORDFOCUS II (DA_)1.6 LPG85115Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)2009-2011
31FORDFOCUS II (DA_)1.6 Ti85115Petrol2004-2012
32FORDFOCUS II (DA_)1.6 Ti85115Petrol2004-2012
33FORDFOCUS II (DA_)1.6 Ti85115Petrol2004-2012
34FORDFOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.674100Petrol2005-2012
35FORDFOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.674100Petrol2005-2012
36FORDFOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.674100Petrol2005-2012
37FORDFOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.674100Petrol2005-2012
38FORDFOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.674100Petrol2005-2012
39FORDFOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6 Ti85115Petrol2005-2012
40FORDFOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6 Ti85115Petrol2005-2012
41FORDFOCUS II Station Wagon (DA_)1.674100Petrol2004-2011
42FORDFOCUS II Station Wagon (DA_)1.674100Petrol2004-2011
43FORDFOCUS II Station Wagon (DA_)1.674100Petrol2004-2011
44FORDFOCUS II Station Wagon (DA_)1.674100Petrol2004-2011
45FORDFOCUS II Station Wagon (DA_)1.674100Petrol2004-2011
46FORDFOCUS II Station Wagon (DA_)1.6 LPG85115Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)2009-2012
47FORDFOCUS II Station Wagon (DA_)1.6 Ti85115Petrol2004-2012
48FORDFOCUS II Station Wagon (DA_)1.6 Ti85115Petrol2004-2012
49FORDFOCUS III1.6 Flexifuel88120Petrol/Ethanol2010-
50FORDFOCUS III1.6 LPG86117Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)2012-
51FORDFOCUS III1.6 LPG88120Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)2012-
52FORDFOCUS III1.6 Ti77105Petrol2010-
53FORDFOCUS III1.6 Ti92125Petrol2010-
54FORDFOCUS III1.6 Ti6385Petrol2011-
55FORDFOCUS III1.6 Ti88120Petrol2012-
56FORDFOCUS III Saloon1.6 Flexifuel88120Petrol/Ethanol2010-
57FORDFOCUS III Saloon1.6 Ti77105Petrol2010-
58FORDFOCUS III Saloon1.6 Ti92125Petrol2010-
59FORDFOCUS III Saloon1.6 Ti6385Petrol2011-
60FORDFOCUS III Turnier1.6 Flexifuel88120Petrol/Ethanol2010-
61FORDFOCUS III Turnier1.6 LPG86117Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)2012-
62FORDFOCUS III Turnier1.6 LPG88120Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)2012-
63FORDFOCUS III Turnier1.6 Ti77105Petrol2010-
64FORDFOCUS III Turnier1.6 Ti92125Petrol2010-
65FORDFOCUS III Turnier1.6 Ti6385Petrol2011-
66FORDFOCUS III Turnier1.6 Ti88120Petrol2012-
67FORDGRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti77105Petrol2010-
68FORDGRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti77105Petrol2010-
69FORDGRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti92125Petrol2010-
70FORDMONDEO IV (BA7)1.6 Ti81110Petrol2007-2014
71FORDMONDEO IV (BA7)1.6 Ti92125Petrol2007-2014
72FORDMONDEO IV (BA7)1.6 Ti88120Petrol2010-2014
73FORDMONDEO IV Saloon (BA7)1.6 Ti92125Petrol2007-2014
74FORDMONDEO IV Saloon (BA7)1.6 Ti81110Petrol2007-2014
75FORDMONDEO IV Turnier (BA7)1.6 Ti81110Petrol2007-2012
76FORDMONDEO IV Turnier (BA7)1.6 Ti92125Petrol2007-2010
77FORDMONDEO IV Turnier (BA7)1.6 Ti88120Petrol2010-2014
78LAND ROVERRANGE ROVER IV (LG)4.4 D V8 4x4250340Diesel2012-
79LAND ROVERRANGE ROVER Mk III (LM)3.6 D 4x4200272Diesel2006-2012
80LAND ROVERRANGE ROVER Mk III (LM)4.4 D 4x4230313Diesel2010-2012
81LAND ROVERRANGE ROVER SPORT (LS)3.6 D 4x4200272Diesel2006-2013
82OPELAGILA (A) (H00)1.04460Petrol2003-2007
83OPELAGILA (A) (H00)1.2 16V Twinport5980Petrol2004-2007
84OPELASTRA G Hatchback (F48_, F08_)1.46690Petrol2007-2009
85OPELASTRA G Saloon (F69_)1.46690Petrol2007-2009
86OPELASTRA H (L48)1.25980Petrol2005-
87OPELASTRA H (L48)1.46690Petrol2004-
88OPELASTRA H (L48)1.45575Petrol2004-2004
89OPELASTRA H (L48)1.4 LPG6690Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)2009-
90OPELASTRA H (L48)1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2007-
91OPELASTRA H Estate (L35)1.46690Petrol2004-
92OPELASTRA H Estate (L35)1.45575Petrol2004-
93OPELASTRA H Estate (L35)1.4 LPG6690Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)2009-
94OPELASTRA H Estate (L35)1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2007-
95OPELASTRA H Sport Hatch (L08)1.45575Petrol2005-
96OPELASTRA H Sport Hatch (L08)1.46690Petrol2005-
97OPELASTRA H Sport Hatch (L08)1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2007-
98OPELASTRA H TwinTop (L67)1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2007-
99OPELCOMBO Box Body / Estate1.4 16V6690Petrol2005-
100OPELCOMBO Tour1.46690Petrol2004-
101OPELCORSA C (F08, F68)1.04460Petrol2003-2009
102OPELCORSA C (F08, F68)1.2 Twinport5980Petrol2004-2009
103OPELCORSA C (F08, F68)1.4 Twinport6690Petrol2003-2009
104OPELCORSA C Box (F08, W5L)1.25980Petrol2005-
105OPELCORSA C Box (F08, W5L)1.46690Petrol2003-
106OPELCORSA D1.6 Turbo141192Petrol2007-
107OPELCORSA D1.6 Turbo141192Petrol2007-
108OPELCORSA D1.6 Turbo141192Petrol2007-
109OPELCORSA D1.6 Turbo110150Petrol2007-
110OPELCORSA D1.6 Turbo110150Petrol2007-
111OPELCORSA D1.6 Turbo155211Petrol2011-
112OPELCORSA D1.6 Turbo155211Petrol2011-
113OPELINSIGNIA1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2008-
114OPELINSIGNIA Estate1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2009-
115OPELINSIGNIA Saloon1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2009-
116OPELMERIVA1.4 16V Twinport6690Petrol2004-2010
117OPELMERIVA1.4 16V Twinport LPG6690Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)2004-2010
118OPELMERIVA1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2005-2010
119OPELTIGRA TwinTop1.46690Petrol2004-
120OPELZAFIRA B (A05)1.6 CNG Turbo110150Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG)2009-
121OPELZAFIRA B (A05)1.6 CNG Turbo110150Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG)2009-
122OPELZAFIRA B Van1.6 CNG Turbo110150Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG)2009-
123OPELZAFIRA B Van1.6 CNG Turbo110150Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG)2009-
124OPELZAFIRA TOURER C (P12)1.6 CNG110150Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG)2011-
125OPELZAFIRA TOURER C (P12)1.6 CNG110150Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG)2011-
126SAAB9-5 (YS3G)1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2010-2012
127SUZUKIWAGON R1.25980Petrol2004-2005
128VAUXHALLAGILA Mk I (A)1.0 12V4460Petrol2000-2006
129VAUXHALLAGILA Mk I (A)1.2 16V Twinport5980Petrol2004-2006
130VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V (H) Estate1.45575Petrol2004-2010
131VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V (H) Estate1.46690Petrol2004-2009
132VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V (H) Estate1.6132180Petrol2004-2009
133VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V (H) Hatchback1.46690Petrol2004-2009
134VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V (H) Hatchback1.45575Petrol2004-2005
135VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V (H) Hatchback1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2006-
136VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V (H) Sport Hatch1.45575Petrol2005-2010
137VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V (H) Sport Hatch1.4 i 16V6690Petrol2005-2010
138VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V (H) Sport Hatch1.6132179Petrol2006-2010
139VAUXHALLASTRA TwinTop Mk V (H)1.6132179Petrol2006-2010
140VAUXHALLASTRAVAN Mk V (H)1.4 i6690Petrol2005-
141VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk II (C) Box Body / Estate (F25)1.4 16V6690Petrol2001-2007
142VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk II (C) Box Body / Estate (F25)1.4 i 16V6690Petrol2004-2011
143VAUXHALLCOMBO TOUR Mk II (C) (F25)1.46690Petrol2004-2010
144VAUXHALLCORSA Mk II (C) (W5L, F08)1.0 12V4460Petrol2003-2006
145VAUXHALLCORSA Mk II (C) (W5L, F08)1.2 Twinport5980Petrol2004-2006
146VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III (D) (L_8)1.6 SRi110150Petrol2007-2014
147VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III (D) (L_8)1.6 VXR141192Petrol2007-2014
148VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III (D) (L_8)1.6 VXR141192Petrol2007-2014
149VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III (D) (L_8)1.6 VXR150204Petrol2011-2014
150VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III (D) (L_8)1.6 VXR150204Petrol2011-2014
151VAUXHALLINSIGNIA1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2009-
152VAUXHALLINSIGNIA Estate1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2009-
153VAUXHALLINSIGNIA Saloon1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2009-
154VAUXHALLMERIVA Mk I (A)1.4 16V Twinport6690Petrol2003-2009
155VAUXHALLMERIVA Mk I (A)1.6 Turbo132180Petrol2006-2010
156VAUXHALLTIGRA TwinTop1.46690Petrol2004-2009
157VAUXHALLZAFIRA Mk II (B) (M75)1.6 CNG Turbo110150CNG2009-2014
158VAUXHALLZAFIRA Mk II (B) (M75)1.6 CNG Turbo110150CNG2009-2014
159VAUXHALLZAFIRA Mk III (P12)1.6 CNG110150CNG2011-
161VOLVOC301.8 FlexFuel92125Petrol/Ethanol2007-2012
163VOLVOC302.0 FlexFuel107146Petrol/Ethanol2010-2012
164VOLVOS40 II (MS)1.892125Petrol2004-
165VOLVOS40 II (MS)1.8 FlexFuel92125Petrol/Ethanol2006-
166VOLVOS40 II (MS)2.0107146Petrol2006-
167VOLVOS40 II (MS)2.0 F107146Flexfuel2009-
168VOLVOS80 II (AS)2.0107146Petrol2008-
169VOLVOS80 II (AS)2.0 FlexFuel107146Petrol/Ethanol2008-
170VOLVOV50 (MW)1.892125Petrol2004-
171VOLVOV50 (MW)1.8 FlexFuel92125Petrol/Ethanol2005-
172VOLVOV50 (MW)2.0107146Petrol2006-
173VOLVOV50 (MW)2.0 FlexFuel107146Petrol/Ethanol2010-
174VOLVOV70 III (BW)2.0107145Petrol2007-
175VOLVOV70 III (BW)2.0 FlexiFuel107146Petrol/Ethanol2008-

Product Information

Product Information

SKU BS 0 232 103 052
Part Manufacturer BOSCH
MPN 0 232 103 052
OE Number 55187973, 3781020-A01, A11-3611011, 471Q-2L-3813801, 3808900J77, 112685, 1319158, 1826557, 4M5G1 2K073 AA, BE8Z6B288A, LR 000634, 93183528, 832963, PW812666

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