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Width [mm] : 120

Length [mm] : 400

Thickness [mm] : 1,2

Weight [g] : 56,681

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Condition : New

SKU: AJ 13116900

Part Manufacturer: AJUSA

MPN: 13116900


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Compatability Information


MANIFOLD GASKET - INTAKE ALFA75 2.0 TS's compatibility is a guide only. Please use part numbers and photos to confirm suitability for your vehicle.

K-typeManufacturerModelEngineHorse PowerEngine CC TypeFuel_TypeYears
0ALFA ROMEO145 (930)1.6 16V T.S.82112Petrol1997-2000
1ALFA ROMEO145 (930)1.6 i.e. 16V T.S.88120Petrol1996-2001
2ALFA ROMEO145 (930)1.6 i.e. 16V T.S.88120Petrol1996-2001
3ALFA ROMEO145 (930)1.8 i.e. 16V106144Petrol1998-2001
4ALFA ROMEO145 (930)1.8 i.e. 16V T.S.103140Petrol1996-1998
5ALFA ROMEO145 (930)1.8 i.e. 16V T.S.103140Petrol1996-1998
6ALFA ROMEO145 (930)1.8 i.e. 16V T.S.103140Petrol1996-1998
7ALFA ROMEO145 (930)2.0 16V Quadrifoglio114155Petrol1998-2001
8ALFA ROMEO145 (930)2.0 16V T.S.110150Petrol1995-2001
9ALFA ROMEO146 (930)1.6 16V T.S.82112Petrol1997-2000
10ALFA ROMEO146 (930)1.6 i.e. 16V T.S.88120Petrol1996-2001
11ALFA ROMEO146 (930)1.6 i.e. 16V T.S.88120Petrol1996-2001
12ALFA ROMEO146 (930)1.8 i.e. 16V T.S.103140Petrol1996-2001
13ALFA ROMEO146 (930)1.8 i.e. 16V T.S.103140Petrol1996-2001
14ALFA ROMEO146 (930)1.8 i.e. 16V T.S.106144Petrol1998-2001
15ALFA ROMEO146 (930)2.0 16V Quadrifoglio114155Petrol1998-2001
16ALFA ROMEO146 (930)2.0 16V T.S.110150Petrol1995-2001
17ALFA ROMEO147 (937)2.0 16V T.SPARK (937AXC1_)110150Petrol2001-2010
18ALFA ROMEO155 (167)1.6 16V T.S.88120Petrol1996-1997
19ALFA ROMEO155 (167)1.7 T.S. 16V103140Petrol1996-1997
20ALFA ROMEO155 (167)2.0 T.S. 16V (167.A2G)110150Petrol1995-1997
21ALFA ROMEO155 (167)2.0 T.S. 16V (167.A2G)110150Petrol1995-1997
22ALFA ROMEO156 (932)1.6 16V T.SPARK82112Petrol1997-2005
23ALFA ROMEO156 (932)1.6 16V T.SPARK (932A4)88120Petrol1997-2005
24ALFA ROMEO156 (932)1.6 16V T.SPARK (932A4)88120Petrol1997-2005
25ALFA ROMEO156 (932)1.6 16V T.SPARK (932A4)88120Petrol1997-2005
26ALFA ROMEO156 (932)1.6 16V T.SPARK (932A4)88120Petrol1997-2005
27ALFA ROMEO156 (932)1.8 16V T.SPARK (932A3)106144Petrol1997-2000
28ALFA ROMEO156 (932)1.8 16V T.SPARK (932A31__)103140Petrol2000-2005
29ALFA ROMEO156 (932)2.0 16V T.SPARK (932A2)114155Petrol1997-2000
30ALFA ROMEO156 (932)2.0 16V T.SPARK (932A21__)110150Petrol2000-2002
31ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932)1.6 16V T.SPARK82112Petrol2000-2005
32ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932)1.6 16V T.SPARK. (932A4)88120Petrol2000-2006
33ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932)1.6 16V T.SPARK. (932A4)88120Petrol2000-2006
34ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932)1.6 16V T.SPARK. (932A4)88120Petrol2000-2006
35ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932)1.6 16V T.SPARK. (932A4)88120Petrol2000-2006
36ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932)1.8 16V T.SPARK (932A3)106144Petrol2000-2000
37ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932)1.8 16V T.SPARK (932B31__)103140Petrol2000-2006
38ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932)2.0 16V T.SPARK (932A2)114155Petrol2000-2002
39ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932)2.0 16V T.SPARK (932B21__)110150Petrol2000-2002
40ALFA ROMEO166 (936)2.0 T.Spark (936A3A__)114155Petrol1998-2000
41ALFA ROMEO166 (936)2.0 T.Spark (936A3B__)110150Petrol2000-2007
42ALFA ROMEOGT (937)1.8 TS103140Petrol2003-2010
43ALFA ROMEOGTV (916C_)1.8 16V (916C3)106144Petrol1998-2005
44ALFA ROMEOGTV (916C_)2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916.C2__, 916C2C00)110150Petrol1995-2005
45ALFA ROMEOGTV (916C_)2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916.C2__, 916C2C00)110150Petrol1995-2005
46ALFA ROMEOGTV (916C_)2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916C2C)114155Petrol1998-2000
47ALFA ROMEOSPIDER (916_, 916S_)1.8 16V (916S3)106144Petrol1998-2005
48ALFA ROMEOSPIDER (916_, 916S_)2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916S2B)114155Petrol1998-2000
49ALFA ROMEOSPIDER (916_, 916S_)2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916S2C00)110150Petrol1995-2005
50ALFA ROMEOSPIDER (916_, 916S_)2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916S2C00)110150Petrol1995-2005
51FIATBARCHETTA (183)1.8 16V96130Petrol1995-2005
52FIATBARCHETTA (183)1.8 16V96130Petrol1995-2005
53FIATBRAVA (182)1.8 GT 16V (182.BC)83113Petrol1995-2001
54FIATBRAVO I (182)1.8 GT (182.AC)83113Petrol1995-2001
55FIATCOUPE (FA/175)1.8 16V96131Petrol1996-2000
56FIATMAREA (185)1.8 115 16V83113Petrol1996-2002
57FIATMAREA Weekend (185)1.8 115 16V83113Petrol1996-2002
58FIATPUNTO (188)1.8 130 HGT (188.738, .718)96130Petrol1999-
59FIATPUNTO (188)1.8 130 HGT (188.738, .718)96130Petrol1999-
60FIATSTILO (192)1.8 16V (192_XC1A)98133Petrol2001-2006
61FIATSTILO Multi Wagon (192)1.8 16V98133Petrol2003-2008
62LANCIADEDRA (835)1.8 16V LE (835FG)83113Petrol1996-1999
63LANCIADEDRA (835)1.8 GT 16V (835EH)96131Petrol1996-1999
64LANCIADEDRA SW (835)1.8 16V LE (835FG)83113Petrol1996-1999
65LANCIADEDRA SW (835)1.8 GT 16V (835EH)96131Petrol1996-1999
66LANCIADELTA Mk II (836)1.86690Petrol1996-1999
67LANCIADELTA Mk II (836)1.8 i.e. 16V (836AQ)83113Petrol1996-1999
68LANCIADELTA Mk II (836)1.8 i.e. 16V GT (836AR)96131Petrol1996-1999
69LANCIALYBRA (839AX)1.8 16V (839AXB1A, 839AXG1A)96131Petrol1999-2005
70LANCIALYBRA (839AX)1.8 16V (839AXB1A, 839AXG1A)96131Petrol1999-2005
71LANCIALYBRA (839AX)1.8 16V (839AXB1A, 839AXG1A)96131Petrol1999-2005
72LANCIALYBRA SW (839BX)1.8 16V (839BXB1A, 839BXG1A)96131Petrol1999-2005
73LANCIALYBRA SW (839BX)1.8 16V (839BXB1A, 839BXG1A)96131Petrol1999-2005

Product Information

Product Information

SKU AJ 13116900
Part Manufacturer AJUSA
MPN 13116900

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