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Excl. Vat: £17.54 Incl. Vat: £21.05
OE Number 13284.280.80, 1328428080


Fitting Position : Left

Number of light functions : 6

Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info : with lamp base

Bulb Type : PY21W

Light Function : with tail light

Inspection Tag : E13 7694

Rated Voltage [V] : 12

Product Information

Condition : New

SKU: DP 550-1932L-UE

Part Manufacturer: DEPO

MPN: 550-1932L-UE

OE Number: 13284.280.80, 1328428080


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Compatability Information


REAR LAMP FIAT DUCATO 02> LEFT VAN's compatibility is a guide only. Please use part numbers and photos to confirm suitability for your vehicle.

K-typeManufacturerModelEngineHorse PowerEngine CC TypeFuel_TypeYears
0CITRONRELAY Box (244)2.081110Petrol2002-
1CITRONRELAY Box (244)2.0 bivalent81110Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG)2003-
2CITRONRELAY Box (244)2.0 HDi6284Diesel2002-
3CITRONRELAY Box (244)2.0 HDi6284Diesel2002-
4CITRONRELAY Box (244)2.2 HDi74101Diesel2002-
5CITRONRELAY Box (244)2.8 HDi94128Diesel2002-
6CITRONRELAY Box (244)2.8 HDi107146Diesel2004-
7CITRONRELAY Box (244)2.8 HDi 4x494128Diesel2002-
8CITRONRELAY Bus (244, Z_)2.081110Petrol2002-
9CITRONRELAY Bus (244, Z_)2.0 bivalent81110Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG)2003-
10CITRONRELAY Bus (244, Z_)2.0 HDi6284Diesel2002-
11CITRONRELAY Bus (244, Z_)2.2 HDi74101Diesel2002-
12CITRONRELAY Bus (244, Z_)2.8 HDi94128Diesel2002-
13CITRONRELAY Bus (244, Z_)2.8 HDi All-wheel Drive94128Diesel2002-
14FIATDUCATO Box (244)2.081110Petrol2002-
15FIATDUCATO Box (244)2.0 4x481110Petrol2002-2006
16FIATDUCATO Box (244)2.0 Bipower81110Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG)2002-
17FIATDUCATO Box (244)2.0 JTD6284Diesel2002-
18FIATDUCATO Box (244)2.3 JTD81110Diesel2002-
19FIATDUCATO Box (244)2.8 JTD94128Diesel2002-
20FIATDUCATO Box (244)2.8 JTD 4x494128Diesel2002-
21FIATDUCATO Box (244)2.8 JTD Power107146Diesel2004-
22FIATDUCATO Bus (244, Z_)2.081110Petrol2002-
23FIATDUCATO Bus (244, Z_)2.0 4x481110Petrol2002-2006
24FIATDUCATO Bus (244, Z_)2.0 Bipower81110Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG)2002-
25FIATDUCATO Bus (244, Z_)2.0 JTD6284Diesel2002-
26FIATDUCATO Bus (244, Z_)2.3 JTD81110Diesel2002-
27FIATDUCATO Bus (244, Z_)2.8 JTD94128Diesel2002-
28FIATDUCATO Bus (244, Z_)2.8 JTD107145Diesel2004-2006
29FIATDUCATO Bus (244, Z_)2.8 JTD 4x494128Diesel2002-
30FIATDUCATO Bus (244, Z_)2.8 TD90122Diesel2003-2006
31PEUGEOTBOXER Box (244)2.081110Petrol2002-
32PEUGEOTBOXER Box (244)2.0 HDi6284Diesel2002-
33PEUGEOTBOXER Box (244)2.0 HDi6284Diesel2002-
34PEUGEOTBOXER Box (244)2.2 HDi74101Diesel2002-
35PEUGEOTBOXER Box (244)2.8 HDi94128Diesel2002-
36PEUGEOTBOXER Box (244)2.8 HDi107146Diesel2004-
37PEUGEOTBOXER Box (244)2.8 HDi93126Diesel2005-2009
38PEUGEOTBOXER Box (244)2.8 HDi 4x494128Diesel2002-
39PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (244, Z_)2.081110Petrol2002-
40PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (244, Z_)2.0 HDi6284Diesel2002-
41PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (244, Z_)2.0 HDi6284Diesel2002-
42PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (244, Z_)2.2 HDi74101Diesel2002-
43PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (244, Z_)2.8 HDi94128Diesel2002-
44PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (244, Z_)2.8 HDi107145Diesel2004-
45PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (244, Z_)2.8 HDi 4x494128Diesel2002-

Product Information

Product Information

SKU DP 550-1932L-UE
Part Manufacturer DEPO
MPN 550-1932L-UE
OE Number 13284.280.80, 1328428080

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